(Please note that you must be a member of a State Association to take a Test.  ISQ Members must be also be a member of an ISQ Affiliated Club)

As well as being a member of Ice Skating Queensland and an Affiliated Club, parents or skaters must also discuss with their coach the best time for the skater to test.  


In the event that a test session has too many applications, tests will be listed in strictly received order and/or will be subject to judge availability.    Once the allocated time has been reached, no more tests for that session will be accepted for that session.   As per prior procedures, emails will not be accepted as test applications.  The earlier you put in a test application, the more chance you will have of getting the test date that you want.


You must have approval from your coach to attempt this test.  

Test bookings cancelled with less than 14 days notice will be subject to a $10 re-booking fee..

Test bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will forfeit the test fee, unless a medical certificate is provided.

Applicants who do not show up for a test will forfeit the test fee.

Test Application
Please go to the Register Now link  to submit and pay for the test application on line. 

Test applications must be submited at least 10 days prior to the test date.


Test Dates 2021- 22 Test times listed below with test lists

Closing date for applications at least 10 days prior or earlier if full

 Acacia Ridge 5.45pm

 Boondall 5.45pm

 Gold Coast Time TBA



Thursday 3rd February 22

Thursday 17th February 22 (Full)


Thursday 3rd March 22

Thursday 17th March 22


Thursday 7th April 22

Thursday 14th April 22


Thursday 5th May 22

Thursday 19th May 22


Thursday 2nd June 22

Thursday 16th June 22


Thursday 14th July 22

Thursday 21st July 22


Thursday 4th August 22

Thursday 18th August 22


Thursday 1st September

Thursday 15th September 22


Thursday 3rd November 22

Thursday 17th November 22


Thursday  8th December 22

Thursday 15th December 22



Acacia Ridge 9th December 2021      
Wendy Tan Elementary Ice Dance - Swing Dance - Couple Lochran Doherty  Pass
Vinh Luc Preliminary Pattern Phillida Barden  Pass
Sophia Feng Basic Novice Pattern Weina Zhang  Pass
Mia Zeng Advanced Novice Pattern Tina Wang  Pass
Serina Lu Junior Pattern Lochran Doherty  Pass
Yolanda Hemsley Preliminary Free Skate Beth Taylor  Pass
Sophia Feng Elementary Free Skate Weina Zhang  Pass
Miandri Korf Elementary Free Skate Katya Young  Pass
Osborn Wang Elementary Free Skate Tina Wang  Pass
Mark Waris Elementary Free Skate Tina Wang  Pass
Kaitlin Teo Advanced Novice Free Skate Helen Ma  Pass
Sydelle Zhang Junior Free Skate Weina Zhang  Pass
Boondall 16th December 2021 5.45pm - Closed      
Charlotte Purves Preliminary Pattern Kate Endruilaitis  Pass
Kerri Butler Preliminary Pattern Monika Macak  Pass
Savannah Hunt Preliminary Pattern Monika Macak  Pass
Laura Brindley Elementary Pattern Monika Macak  Pass 
Max O'Leary Elementary Pattern Andrei Antonov  Pass 
Emilia McNamara Elementary Pattern Elena Antonov  Pass 
Aoife Hickey Advanced Novice Pattern Natalie Hughes  Pass
Jayla Tarbuck Advanced Novice Pattern Monika Macak  Pass 
Grace Glowery Senior Pattern Ekaterina B / Emilia Ahsan  Pass
Sophie Cann Preliminary Free Skate Monika Macak  Pass
Jordan Massingham Intermediate Novice Free Skate Kate Endruilaitis  Pass 
Jessica Rotondo Senior Free Skate Emilia Ahsan  Pass
Acacia Ridge 3rd February 2022 5.45pm      
Eva Hicks Elementary Pattern Elena Antonova  
Miandri Korf Basic Novice Pattern Katya Young  
Jessie Jiang Advanced Novice Pattern Katya Young  
Michelle Miao Advanced Novice Pattern Beth Taylor  
Hidaya Rane Junior Pattern Hui Ma / Rikkilee Smith  
Kaitlin Teo Junior Pattern Hui Ma  
Ella Hurst Elementary Free Skate Tamara Heggen / Heidi Daniels  
Angeline Norton Elementary Free Skate Katya Young  
Mia Kallaste Elementary Free Skate Rikkilee Charlton Lochran  
Jessie Jiang Advanced Novice Free Skate Katya Young  
Sydelle Zhang Junior Free Skate Weina Zhang  
Boondall 17th February 2022 - Full      
Isabella Flockhart Elementary Dance - Couple (Fiesta Tango / Swing Dance) Sally Scott  
Krystal Li Elementary Dance - Couple (Fiesta Tango / Swing Dance Paul Huehnergard  
Esther Lucas Intermediate  Pattern Dance - Solo (Rocker Foxtrot/American Waltz / Tango Sally Scott  
Rosalinde Dowideit Preliminary Pattern Monika Macak  
Caroline Dowideit Elementary Pattern Monika Macak  
Charlotte Evans Elementary Pattern Sally Scott  
Meili Wu Elementary Pattern Emilia Ahsan  
Alexandra Power Basic Novice Pattern Ekaterina Borodatova  
Kathrin Macak Junior Pattern Emilia Ahsan  
Jordan Massingham Junior Pattern  Kate Endruilaitis  
Laura Brindley Preliminary Free Skate Monica Macak  
Grace Glowery Junior Free Skate Ekaterna Borodatova / Emilia Ahsan  
Acacia Ridge 3rd March      
Raisie Li Preliminary Pattern Weina Zhang  
Boondall 17th March 2022      
Leila Macaione Preliminary Dance (Canasta Tango/DutchWaltz) Sally Hecke  
Sage Buchanan Preliminary Pattern Sally Hecke  
Hugh Peterken Elementary Pattern Paul Huehnergard  
Frances Dykes Advanced Novice Pattern Natalie Hughes  
Isabella Flockhart Junior Pattern Maureen Sumner  
Mirinae Harington Preliminary Free Skate Elena Antonova  
Amelia Lloyd Preliminary Free Skate Andrei Antonov  
Bethany Howarth  Senior Pattern  Natalie Hughes  
Acacia Ridge 7th April 2022      
Isabella Upton Basic Novice Pattern Rikkilee Smith  
Boondall 14th April 2022      
Elise Hoon Basic Novice Pattern David Yu  
Charlotte Purves Preliminary Free Skate  Kate Endruilaitis  
Boondall 16th June 2022      
Lauren O'Brien  Junior Pattern  Natalie Hughes  
Name Test Coach  
Alisha Boge Junior Pattern #3 Phillida Barden NBF  
Kimberley McDonald Elementary Pattern Monica Macak NBF  
Jessica Bentley Advanced Novice Pattern Vashti Lonsdale BF  
Jessica Bentley Junior Pattern Vashti Lonsdale BF  
Chantel Filipowicz Elementary Pattern Lochran Dohery BF  
Jenson Turner Elementary Pattern Sharon Sullivan BF  
Charlotte Coyne Preliminary Free Skate Andrei Antonov  
Katilin Chivers Basic Novice #4 Charlton Doherty  
William Payne Advanced Novice Pattern #1 Beth Taylor NBF  
Hailey Schweizer Elementary Pattern    
Sophie Gallagher Advanced Novice Free Skate Tina Wang NBF  
Jessica Lavering Preliminary Pattern Maureen Sumner  
Iris Hu Elementary Pattern Weina Zhang  
Chloe Riggien Preliminary Pattern Monica Macak  
Tori Jones Basic Novice Pattern Sally Scott  
Sophie Mathison Advanced Novice Pattern #5 Maureen Sumner NBF  
Victoria Ryan Elementary Pattern Kate Endruilaitis