Looking for your ISQ Membership or Proof of Age numbers?  Click here.
2021 Membership List as at 31/3/2021


2021 Renewal Membership is now closed.  You will need to use the new member option..

2021 Membership Categories  If you are not sure of your membership category, please email me prior to renewal.

2021 New Membership Applications:  

Please note that all new applications must be proposed and seconded by two Senior ISQ Members.  Cadet & Junior New Members also need to include a copy of their Birth Certificate or Passport.

You can now pay your new membership by Credit Card  or Paypal using the Membership Payment Link below.  You will still need to fill out and submit a New Membership Application Form, which should be scanned & emailed directly to ISQ Administration Officer at administrator@isq.org.au 

Please do not submit the form through rink offices.
Please note: From 2020, we are no longer issuing plastic Membership Cards.  


2021 ISQ New Membership Application Form

2021 ISQ New Membership Payment Link 

Please remember that your membership application is not able to be processed unless you have submitted the following:

  • Membership Form
  • Payment 
  • (For Cadets & Juniors, or anyone requiring a Proof of Age Number) Copy of Birth Certificate / Passport