2024 Membership Renewals are now closed.


ISQ Current Memberships @ 10/06/2024

(If you have paid your membership and are not on this list, please email administrator@isq.org.au with payment details)


 Sport Integrity Certificates completed 2024

2024 New Membership Applications:


2024 ISQ New Membership Application Form

2024 Membership Classification guide (in case you are not sure which membership to purchase) If in doubt, please email administrator@isq.org.au for advice.


Please note that all new applications must be proposed and seconded by two Senior ISQ Members.  All new applicants must include a copy of their Birth Certificate or Passport.  Memberships may take approximately 14 days to process, after the application form + ID  has been received and payment has been made.  Please ensure you submit your application with sufficient time for it to be processed before you wish to skate at the Figure Sessions.

Associate, Cadet, Junior and Social Skating members must be having private lessons to access the figure sessions.

After you have completed the New Membership Application Form, please scan & email it directly to the ISQ Administration Office at administrator@isq.org.au 

Please do not submit the form through rink offices.
You pay for your new membership by Direct Deposit  (bank details are available on the membership form)

Please remember that your membership application is not able to be processed unless you have submitted the following:

  • Completed Membership Form
  • Payment (details are on Membership form) and payment remittance advice.
  • Copy of Identification Document (Birth Certificate or Passport/ Citizenship Certificate)